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Typhoon at Staverton On 26th August, 2017, a large number of guests met at the Jet Age Museum to welcome JAM’s restored Hawker Typhoon cockpit section, towed to the museum on a low trailer from the restoration workshop. Ready to greet the new arrival were veterans “Paddy” Byrne and Derek Lovell, both of 197 Squadron together with Peggy Fisher who had helped to build Typhoons at the Hucclecote factory nearby. Peggy was asked to insert the last rivet in the engine firewall.
Derek, Peggy and Paddy
The cockpit arrives
DIY Typhoon? The Secretary recently had the pleasure of meeting Tony Hoskins, an aircraft restoration expert, who is writing a Haynes Manual for the Typhoon - just what you need to perform an oil change or to check the sparking plugs! It is hoped that the popularity of the Haynes series of manuals will ensure additional publicity and support for the RB396 restoration project which TECT is delighted to be associated with.
Typhoon Memorial Weekend 2018 The British group at Noyers Bocage was smaller than usual because, for personal and operational reasons, the RAF party from Coningsby was unable to attend.  Anthony and Mary Knight, together with our chaplain, the Rev. Jim Charles were unexpectedly joined by Michael and Pauline Crane, their son and a friend. The Crane family were able to play a full part in the ceremonies that took place in “Place Roy Crane”. In a short speech the TECT Secretary conveyed apologies for asbence and invited those present to remember David Ince, founder of TECT, and other Typhoon veterans who had recently passed away. This would be the last time that we would meet as members of the European Union family but we hoped that, as members of the Typhoon family, we would still be welcome in Normandy. The Mayor and other French participants all expressed the wish for a good attendance at the 2019 ceremony, which would mark the 75th anniversary of D-Day and the liberation of Normandy. We promised to make every effort to bring a sizeable British contingent.
Veteran goes back to School!  Derek Lovell was recently invited to visit a primary school in Bristol, attended by a great-great nephew of “Killy” Kilpatrick, to talk about his Typhoon experiences. The children were fascinated and delighted to meet a real veteran pilot and asked many searching questions.