TECT 2016
“Two Typhoons” now available! The picture, painted by Mark Bromley, depicts a Eurofighter Typhoon of 3 Squadron in formation with the Hawker Typhoon of Group Captain Denys Gillam A limited edition of full-size prints of this wonderful painting, without the watermark visible here, is now available. Prints may be signed, or unsigned. Contact us for details.
Two Typhoons Two Typhoons Two Typhoons
TECT Wedding! Alex Wood and Amy Gibb first met in 2012 at a Vin d’Honneur following the dedication of a memorial plaque at Cintheaux. Alex was the organiser of the RAF party in Normandy that year.Their courtship was interrupted by Alex’s posting to the Falklands but survived, thanks to Skype! After his next posting, to Boscombe Down, Alex is moving to the F35 project, based in Bristol. The wedding was clelebrated on a fine and warm day, assisted by an RAF honour guard and the reception was held at Pylewell Park, just a short distance from the former ALG at Needs Oar Point, from which 146 Wing (Typhoons) operated before D-Day
The Guard of Honour demands a display of affection
David and Ginnie Ince at the reception
Cutting the Typhoon cake, which had models of both the Hawker Typhoon and the Eurofighter Typhoon
Photos Photos
When we learned of the Hawker Typhoon restoration project at  the Jet Age Museum, Staverton, Gloucestershire it was clear that TECT should support the museum and its exciting project. Typhoons were manufactured at Hucclecote, just a short distance away. We were invited to participate in JAM’s Armed Forces Day event at which the Typhoon project would be featured. Volunteers were sought from among our members and the magnificent total of 7 veteran pilots agreed to attend.  As the veterans arrived during the morning, several from 197 Squadron, lively conversations broke out and reminiscences were exchanged. Percy Beake proudly displayed the first Legion d’Honneur medal so far presented to a TECT Member. One highlight of the day was a short act of remembrance, with British Legion standard-bearers, other uniformed organisations and a trumpeter. Our veterans had pride of place and everyone present must have been moved by the sound of the Last Post and Reveille echoing round the museum’s hangar. Another highlight was the formal presentation to JAM of a “Two Typhoons” print, donated by the family of Denys Gillam, whose Typhoon is depicted in the painting. The print will be exhibited at the museum together with evidence of the Typhoon restoration project. David Ince and Chris Woodcock were seen to be active in selling their books and visitors to the museum showed great interest in the Typhoon and its history and were able to inspect the partly- restored cockpit assembly and other Typhoon components. This was a memorable event, possibly unique as it is unlikely that we will succeed in bringing together so many Typhoon veterans again. We will, of course, continue to support JAM and its restoration project and look forward to many other visits to the museum.
A Great Day at Staverton!
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